The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 10: Save the Children. Be nice to dogs. Point Lovecraftian entities back at their summoners.

bioroid,big bioroid,cult priestess,doctor huong,cult warriors,container,stasis pod,spaceport,dodgy,cyborg dobermans,communications,tentacles,pit

Everybody had joined up again after dealing with a bunch of guards.

The old take the guard uniforms and weapons ploy was decided on…at least for anyone that was from Earth. Squishy meanwhile hacked into the audio communications to try and find out what might be going on, while the rest made a foray to a guard tower. Whereupon a bioborgdog doberman patrol needed to be put to flight as cruelty to animals is bad for your image on national television. Luckily Sam can do this sort of thing with no whacking of dogs necessary. He manages to make the dobermans run away like Pomeranians and some more subterfuge is planned.

It is dodgy Anton tells stories to guards time. Throw in a bit of cash and he and Sam manage to convince the weakest link that yes, this is the shady drug deal they were looking for and a casual drive through to where the container full of stasis pod children is.


danu bluetyson

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