The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session: 15 Psychic Rescue is again Witchy

psychics,tentacle,witch,tentacle witches

The Firestarters are asked to look into a brokendown area of the city, the old waterside slum. Young psychics are again being targeted. A typhoon is coming. Protection rackets and gangs come to the fore. Old friends of Anton’s.

A Firestarters safe house is under attack and the First asked us to go and lend a hand at the tail end of RebelNet discussion.

Yes, it is that cult again. Many screams. Lots of scary darkness and tentacles. Another big head sucking pseudopodal warp creature.

Tentacle witch led badness again and the Firestarters get into a fight with the same. They manage to fight her off and she makes it out with a bullet in the chest thanks to Anton’s marksmanship.

Pax TV is the pro-cult tv Network and Sam Sah needs to come back and deal with his archnemesis.


danu bluetyson

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