The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session: 16 Chuu and the Space Spooks

secret police,hway,chuu,chase,magnetic powers,scared kids,tentacle witch,giant warp monster,surrender

After the wounded tentacle witch bails, Anton and Parsonne fill in the arriving Suiri on the scene, who takes over the tough guy role. Suiri and Squishy find a room full of scared kids and one freaking out Chuu dealing death to appliances both major and minor.

Suiri uses his youthful good looks to calm down both children and one super-powered older and now in charge teenager and successfully get them out of there. The wheelman comes back with Anton and another car and they take the kids to safety.

Suiri, Squishy and a rather peeved Chuu decide to go and investigate the blood trail left by the tentacle witch. It leads to an alley, with men in black. In this case, human suited Hway spies. Cybernetically enhanced spies. Yes, super strong, fast and tough ones. Luckily, the magic words cybernetically enhanced were uttered, allowing Squishy to slow them down enough for his Averagely fast self to escape, magnetic power stunts to be thought of and a running away Contest to be won.

Not content with this level of success, detective Suiri decides to go back to the scene. His personal level of trouble magnetism leads him into a sewer and an encounter with a tentacle creature. Losing his weapon and calling for assistance the pair trailing him above ground, Squishy and Chuu, both take a magnetically assisted descent into a derelict train tunnel. Luckily Suiri has taken the back off advice as the tentacle beast is actually a Giant Warp Monster when it reveals its full self. Very scary and stressful as it is officially an Inconceivable Horror From Beyond. Also painful when tentacles reach out everywhere and whack everyone until Suiri’s defense skills slow it down enough for the other two to find the weak spot in its mouth. This enables the dealing of incapacitating blows and also allowing Suiri time to recover his gun and take a shot as well.

The serious brain leaking beast decides to leave and its stunned summoner, the also leaking tentacle witch surrenders rather than likely be shot again.


Plan: Everyone carry smoke bombs, Batman.

Also: Firestarters, Inc must know a really great drycleaner to get all this horrible gunk out.


danu bluetyson

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