The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 2: Mad Scientist Alien Brain Blasting From Beyond

session 2

Summoned by the First Psychic’s AI self and asked to look into the theft of fusion power sources from Kuilan industries. She has attendant science geeks.
The first

Squishy, with great effort, investigates and determines that her memories are degrading.

They confer.

Still go and investigate.

Delayed by cops outside thanks to Squishy being fishy. Cops impressed by both his friendship with Lieutenant Chen, their boss, and Suiri’s ex-cop mojo.

Going with the cops they start investigating blown out walls and the place.
Kuilan industries

Dr petrovFind a bunch of research projects…involved with trying to reverse engineer alien tech. The scientist looking at it is a leading expert. Doctor Petrov.

Unfortunately after brief discussion, he goes crazy. Something starts mind blasting people (occasionally, it is nicer to be shot at!). Much brain zapping of people by what turns out to be an amorphous alien warp energy. The good old zap it with a stray power cable fortuitously discovered trick seems to be quite effective, when teamed with super psychic acupuncture.
Floating polyp


It all began with us seeing something on tv about two psis, a pyro and a matter manipulating psi or something (English roll fail). Can’t quite remember what happened with that? Did we follow up on that? Or not follow up on it, but just answer the summons to meet the first psi?

The First Psychic’s scientists are protective of her but trustworthy.

There were two psis on the news, Sam got a bad read on them and has bad information on them.

The blown up wall was blown up by psychic means, not conventional means.

I enjoyed the hell out of performing a successful psychic acupuncture exorcism of an extra-dimensional alien, and that was just our first full session of game play.

Anton was missing for much of it all, or was he? He both was used for talking a little earlier on, but also later made a big splash, literally, by sliding in on a wave or surfing on a puddle or somehow showing up real suddenly.

Suiri has taken a fair bit of mental stress and complications. Sam had a bad time looking into the hole in the wall, getting visions of graves, temples, and something else I’m not remembering at the moment.

And of course, most alarmingly, Suiri was possessed by the same critter that had previously possessed Doctor Petrov.

Anything else we’re missing?

danu danu

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