The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 5: Malonde's mean beam machine

Hospital corridorDeeper in the Hospital, the party discovers a pipe at the bottom of a broken staircase, and decides to investigate. Suuri, being the human spider that he is, gets a means of entry to the pipe.

Following along, the party discovers the cause of the unusual deliveries: Malonde, one of the two first generation psychics, has built himself a portal to the Warp! Noticing the intruders, he quickly attempts to cave in the cavern, but not before Anton speeds past, blasting the water pipes under the Machine’s base!!

Squishy spends some time (briefly) working out how this dangerous portal works so he can take control of it and shut it down or use it offensively. However, using it as a weapon to shoot Malonde and the amount of water around caused overheating of the machine. It was time to get the hell out before it blew up, taking the hospital with it.

Suuri gets thrown across the room, dislocating his shoulder, knocking him out.

The machine

Anton puts a little too much into an attack, causing more water to flood the room at double the rate! With Suuri on the floor, the party rush to disable Malonde before their friend drowns!

Before Anton can do any more damage, Malonde shoves Anton into the wall, then decides to attempt to take out Squishy and Sam before Anton causes any more trouble.

Sam does some string pulling (Mental strings of light, mind), and stacks the free tags on Malonde, while Squishy attempts to disable the machine before it can breakdown any further, or worse!

Sam lets it all out and takes out Malonde’s mind in one attack (11 stress in one hit, it was crazy), leaving Malonde brain’s open to the warp in more ways than one!
The party then scrambles to get away from the Hospital before the portal machine explodes, and the Hospital is left in a pile of rubble.

Good work team!


danu danu

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