The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 6: Black Lotus Explosion

The Gene Killer investigation begins

While Sam and Suiri deal with keeping Malonde under wraps at Firestarters HQ, Anton and Squishy take a trip to the Changi Hospital site to go through the debris to see if there was anything of interest or danger (or both) left around.

Arriving, there was the same police presence with the addition of a Chief Inspector. To Squishy’s consternation a bunch of Hway cultists (as everyone could tell by big Evil Cultist Tentacle Logo) where also starting to look at the area, trying to intimidate others to stay away. With help from the CI and their political connections. Squishy, with Chen’s help and the fact that opposing people who just saved the city from destruction, have a powerful boss and would be happy to mention any CIs-In-The-Way in the media got a police escort to check out the debris first. With Anton helping to run interference he hobbled out of their with some evidence in the form of a goodly chunk of the power converter device.

Not pleased cultists converged and Squishy and Anton beat a R.A.T.T. retreat back to Firestarters.

Anton gets a visit from David Chen from the police, asking for help with the escalating disappearance of psychics in a low-rent but tasty fast food plentiful part of the city. Firestarters agrees to do what they do, quid pro quo.

The plan involves brilliant implementation and implantation of a versatile tracking device in an op-shop hipster disguised Anton. Limping fishmen don’t make believable hipster bate (and would also rather sit around drinking caffeinated tomato juice less painfully, with broken ribs).

A local doctor strikes up an acquaintance with Anton, clearly recognising him as not an average individual psychically. Anton manages to attract the attention of half a dozen hapless, hopeless and unlucky muggers. Beating up a few the Doctor literally fries another couple with lightning powers. He offers Anton a job, presumably believing the out of town angle if not the loser hipster one. Anton-Bait agrees to take the job, getting a crash course in dodgy Singapore aphrodisiac assembly. He accepts the offer to stay the night as both he and Squishy are too linguistically challenged to recognise what the Chinese writing about Black Lotus means.

Black lotus

A smoky Black Lotus drugging attempt follows, Anton managing to retain most of his Bait-Wits as he is taken to a Lotus Den with some unforunates, some cultists and a woman who is presumably a priestes type leader.

Anton violently disagrees when he suspects her of mind-monkeying manipulation beyond silver tongued seduction when she puts a hand on his neck. He violently disagrees with their new approach and goes to introduce the room to the state of Mortally Challenged.

Lotus den

Fanatic Cultists transform into monstrous type warriors and along with two armed security guards leaves Anton seriously outnumbered and dispatching some while asking for assistance. Squishy has handily prepared an explosive surprise which takens down the den with a boom, killing the monster fanatics, but leaving one security guy alive, to be tied up and interrogated later. They dive into R.A.T.T. and fishtail it out of there, tyres squealing.

Cultist shadow


danu danu

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