David Chen

Senior police officer


David Chen

Giant Australasian Detective
Too many Fishmen Cultists
Really good basketball player except for the badly healed leg
Anti-alien alliance member
Can’t get mum and dad to retire

He is a senior police officer in Singapore, 2259. The product of an Australian mother and Chinese father, the height and brawn inherited from his mother’s family of basketball players have stood him in good stead in the rebuilding city. Smart enough to recognise he wasn’t pretty enough to move easily into the political class he has made enough connections to make life easier and is happy enough with the professional side of life. Psionics and alien cultists and strange entties., however, a completely different story.


Call of Cthulhu characters are pretty normal people, so if using a pyramid, a lower one. A possibility is to use four 0 skills if wanting a broader range of academic skills than just using something like Lore.

David’s skills, as an example :-

+3 Contacts
+2 Athletics, Fight
+1 Notice, Shoot, Will


Acquaintance of Squishy. Quid Pro Quo relationship with Firestarters, Inc.

David Chen

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