Sam Sah


Character Sheet


Concept: Psi Sensitive Meditation Teacher
Trouble: Unruly expanded perceptions and lingering madness
Origin Story: Two Edged Symbiosis with Perception Expanding Alien Microbes
Back Story: I Owe my Teacher Everything
Recent Developments: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


+4 Empathy
+3 Will, Lore
+2 Investigation, Notice, Athletics
+1 Contacts, Fight, Physique, Rapport


Psuper Psi Psenses:
Sam can use Empathy to sense psi stuff in not only people, but also the world around. Sam sees strands of light, coming and going from all things and in all directions. The subtle differences between these strands of light contain tons of information. We’ve come across a certain quality of light blue evil, and inky void black. Sam also hears smells, sees sounds, and of course, can touch, feel, and yank real hard on the strands of light. Which leads us to…

Aggressive Weaver:
Use will to make mental attacks. This must involve psi. I’m imagining it can be narrated as either a physical acupuncture kind of thing, or as pulling at and manipulating strands of light that Sam sees.

Once per session you can reduce someone else’s con-sequence by one level of severity (severe into moderate, moderate to minor, minor to nothing at all) by succeeding on an Empathy roll with a difficulty of Fair (2) for a minor consequence, Good (3) for moder- ate, or Great (+4) for severe. You need to be able to talk with the person you’re treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this stunt, and you can’t use it on yourself.


Central Idea behind Sam
It’s probably fair to say that meditation, yoga, and tai chi all share a basic assumption that there is some kind of connection between the body and mental or emotional states. The idea behind this character is that he takes it one step further and deals with connections not only between the body and mind, but with psi energy as well.

Back Story
The back story is all subject to change after we do our bringing-characters-together-and-giving-them-a-back-story-and-more-aspects thing. Sam grew up around a few places, including in and around Singapore, and feels socially comfortable in Singapore even if he still stands out as an outsider. The story starts to get interesting when he contracted an alien disease and went crazy with expanded perceptions that he couldn’t handle. He got over that with the help of learning meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Now he has a symbiotic relationship with the microbes that drove him crazy, and benefits from expanded perceptions thanks to them. Studying meditation etc. led to his teacher grooming him to teach, then to teaching. Sam’s specialty is in helping psis control their unruly powers. These days he finds himself a member of FireStarters, learning to deal with danger and time pressure on the front lines, even if still primarily providing support.

The main question to be answered when we all meet next time is, how did Sam end up a part of FireStarters? Aside from that, there seems to be a little bit of an empty space that should be filled by Sam’s meditation teacher or community.

Settling on a Name, Ethnicity, and Pic to use
I originally thought he would be an Asian mutt, but saw a good picture on DeviantArt that I want to use. So he’s a hairy white guy now. I’ve decided on a mix of Scottish and Indian. I like the idea of him being an ethnic and social outsider, it’s familiar. The name Sam is a reference to “Stupid AngMo”, or “stupid white guy”. It’s a Singapore thing, something I heard explained to me maybe one time too many ;). Sah is a last name from the Kumaon region of Northern India, up in the foothills of the Himalayas (where I pent a few weeks as recently as a few weeks ago). I figure Indians can be really hairy as well, and somewhat light skinned too. So it fits and I still get to play a bit of a mutt. I’m imagining an Indian guy married a Scottish woman with light hair and skin.

The Pic
Let me add a link to the DeviantArt page that has the picture that I’m using. He’s more muscular than I imagined. I hadn’t originally thought to have him so hairy, but we’ll roll with that. Also, I don’t know what’s up with that open fly (or whatever) there on the bottom, but that picture is over sexualized for my taste, whatever. Tattoos too, we’ll roll with them for the purpose of keeping with the picture I suppose. Here’s the link:

All in all, very happy with this character. Excited to play him. :)

Sam Sah

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