The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session: 14 Building Rebel Rubblet Net
rebel net, rubble

The Firestarters join forces with help from the Boss to set the various Rebel Net functions and abilities up.

Session: 15 Psychic Rescue is again Witchy
psychics,tentacle,witch,tentacle witches

The Firestarters are asked to look into a brokendown area of the city, the old waterside slum. Young psychics are again being targeted. A typhoon is coming. Protection rackets and gangs come to the fore. Old friends of Anton’s.

A Firestarters safe house is under attack and the First asked us to go and lend a hand at the tail end of RebelNet discussion.

Yes, it is that cult again. Many screams. Lots of scary darkness and tentacles. Another big head sucking pseudopodal warp creature.

Tentacle witch led badness again and the Firestarters get into a fight with the same. They manage to fight her off and she makes it out with a bullet in the chest thanks to Anton’s marksmanship.

Pax TV is the pro-cult tv Network and Sam Sah needs to come back and deal with his archnemesis.

Session: 16 Chuu and the Space Spooks
secret police,hway,chuu,chase,magnetic powers,scared kids,tentacle witch,giant warp monster,surrender

After the wounded tentacle witch bails, Anton and Parsonne fill in the arriving Suiri on the scene, who takes over the tough guy role. Suiri and Squishy find a room full of scared kids and one freaking out Chuu dealing death to appliances both major and minor.

Suiri uses his youthful good looks to calm down both children and one super-powered older and now in charge teenager and successfully get them out of there. The wheelman comes back with Anton and another car and they take the kids to safety.

Suiri, Squishy and a rather peeved Chuu decide to go and investigate the blood trail left by the tentacle witch. It leads to an alley, with men in black. In this case, human suited Hway spies. Cybernetically enhanced spies. Yes, super strong, fast and tough ones. Luckily, the magic words cybernetically enhanced were uttered, allowing Squishy to slow them down enough for his Averagely fast self to escape, magnetic power stunts to be thought of and a running away Contest to be won.

Not content with this level of success, detective Suiri decides to go back to the scene. His personal level of trouble magnetism leads him into a sewer and an encounter with a tentacle creature. Losing his weapon and calling for assistance the pair trailing him above ground, Squishy and Chuu, both take a magnetically assisted descent into a derelict train tunnel. Luckily Suiri has taken the back off advice as the tentacle beast is actually a Giant Warp Monster when it reveals its full self. Very scary and stressful as it is officially an Inconceivable Horror From Beyond. Also painful when tentacles reach out everywhere and whack everyone until Suiri’s defense skills slow it down enough for the other two to find the weak spot in its mouth. This enables the dealing of incapacitating blows and also allowing Suiri time to recover his gun and take a shot as well.

The serious brain leaking beast decides to leave and its stunned summoner, the also leaking tentacle witch surrenders rather than likely be shot again.


Plan: Everyone carry smoke bombs, Batman.

Also: Firestarters, Inc must know a really great drycleaner to get all this horrible gunk out.

Session: 17 Firestarters AGM and Tomato Trippin'
Meet the rest of the crew

In the cleanup after the fight with the monster and the tentacle witch a crate of Sygnus corporation tomatoes was found

Squishy analysed them during the gathering for the Firestarters Annual Meeting, running into lots of the team working at Firestarters Home Office.

The tomatoes have been engineered to be mind alterting…opening up minds to the warp to assist with piloting and space. Designed to work on Hway the psychoactive efffects are much more serious on humans.

The incidences of insanity and psychotic breaks happening in the human population was something Squishy researched…determining that it was on the upswing.

He set up a meeting with one of the J-4 tower Escape Goat breakfast crew of space nerds..a psychiatrist that works at Singapore Central, where the warp expert scientist Doctor Petrov currently is hospitalised, along with a particularly affected young man.

They are off to talk to Petrov and Dillan Barick, the psychiatrist.

Session 18: Undercover Koo Koo Ka Chuu Plan: Sell it, Kid
Guerilla Gorilla For Sale

Squishy, Suiri and Chuu go to the Singapore private rehab facility [insert name here]. They talk to Barick who won’t break patient confidentiality but does agree that there is an increased incidence of Deadly Nightshade drug induced insanity.

A quick plan is made to leave the as yet unofficial Firestarter and probie job applicant Chuu as an appropriately unstable looking person that needs observation before being given employment with Firestarters.

Suiri makes a distraction and gets the boot as Squishy bribes the guards to treat Chuu well while she conceals a transmitter and an extra spare amount for a later date.

She discovers a voice in her head, Sammy, a 14 year old boy that talks to her in a quite friendly manner. She slips out of her room but encounters one of the well disposed orderlies, who she bribes to give her a few minutes to talk to him. She discovers he doesn’t know how long he has been in there and has shaky memory.

After setting up an observation point Chuu really wants to get them all out of there. Squishy has managed to gain enough network control to override security doors and set off alarms as Suiri goes Spider-Boy and fakes a smoke bomb fire before heading back to Chuu’s side.

Mass breakout time, except for the Howler. The pair are good enough to get the children out Bedknobs and Broomsticks style as Squishy can catch them easily enough to transfer to RATT for evacuation.

A minor problem being the appearance of a Hway cybernetically enhanced mind controlling robed evil cultist that tries that trick on Chuu and Suiri, who heroically resist and escape magnetically and athletically to where Squishy was waiting with AI transport.

Then it is Minor Milestone time.

Time for the Firestarters, Inc AGM and Chuu officially joining the team, paperwork and meetings and all.

The First details the current PR struggle situation and information to the senior Firestarters that actually are Firestarters…and what the Firestarters East specialists have been working on.

Meta-PR contest: Guardians of Liberty fascist anti-psychics are neutralised and forced underground.

Session 19: Underground alien labs and killer robots

Squishy, Anton and Suiri going investigating after the Firestarters AGM.

They run into a spore breathing mushroom monster.

After toasting mushrooms behind a forefield, we detect some signs behind a wall and teamup with a water barrier and explosives to breach it.

Some children again in pods, or not in pods, which dangerous electrical wires.

Session 20: Kids In Space(ships).

Conferring with the A-team in the Hway secret underground children in statis pod lab we get attacked by a warp monster with mind tentacles coming up out of a pool, sans aquakinetic, unfortunately.

Gorilla matador punches don’t work. Magnetic girder impales by Chuu do. Squishy suggests that going home to mum to have that kissed better would be much more sensible than hanging around this ugly planet. The warp entity agrees.

Squishy, Chuu and Dr Voight get the children out…but Squishy gets a message from black ops high ranking General Hirsus about doing a deal (a dirty deal) involving kidnapping Suiri’s wife so that this again would not be made public.

They discover a warp device that again can do strange things with the space time continuum. Travel to the past a definitely possibility. Powered by the psychic statis kids brains partly.

They have a plan for a gorilla in a tutu diversion A-team Firestarter diversion to break into a next-gen Hway spaceship with complete security network mastery.

One problem is defense in depth with a non-networked really large bioroid not moving when Chuu causes a noisy distraction. Squishy tries a more communicative approach having mastered the network. He patches in Ethel to chat up her fellow hybrid and convince him to take a break for some food for a bit…her shout.

They do so and discover yet again, psychic children being held captive and abused. This time there is a twist. Some of them are not from now. From many time periods.

They split up.

Chuu and Squishy lead a rope chain of children through some discovered passageways with Kara the pilot.

Suiri does the climbing and fighting the security.

Squishy has mined the path on the way in and hacked the security sensors on the way out so they loop and get blocked allowing them some extra time.


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