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  • Andre

    A young survivor of an attack by the Gene Killer thanks to his minor invisibility while holding his breath power. His parents weren't so lucky.

  • Issac Dituri

    This gentleman reminds you of a patient reptilian hunter. He has crocodile skin, a short, lanky build and yellow glowing eyes.

  • Darius Rhyne

    This gentleman makes you think of a prowling jackal. He has brown eyes and a medium, stocky build. His favourite sin is wrath. His wardrobe is practical and professional.

  • Walton Voight

    This man puts you in mind of a clever stage magician. He has hooded blue eyes that are like two chunks of lapis lazuli. His luxurious, straight, brown hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a pennant blowing in the wind. He has an athletic build. His …

  • Elvin Gammon

    This guy puts you in mind of a sneaky serpent. He has beady gray eyes that are like two windows looking out on an overcast sky. His luxurious, curly, night-black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a turtle's shell. He is short and has an …

  • Gaston Desai

    A gorilla...what more can I say...No, really, he is lovely. !(media-item-align-none){width:150px;height:200px;}//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/257857/gorilla.jpeg?1383632862(gorilla.jpeg)!

  • German Stasny

    This guy makes you think of a hawk. This older gentleman is a very tall, has a broad build and brown skin. He bears a gruff exterior and a curious knowing gaze. He is well known for his "ghost-hunting".

  • Alec Jadin

    This energetic guy has deep-set green eyes that are like two pools of stangant water. He's a Nobel prize-winning misogynist firefighter haunted by an iconic dead American confidante.

  • Victorina Voight

    This girl puts you in mind of a tightly coiled spring. She has angular features, dusky skin, close-cropped punk hair and sharp blue eyes.

  • Camila Paulsen

    This lady makes you think of a mysterious raven. She has deep-set eyes the color of milk chocolate. Her fine, straight, neck-length hair is the color of black coffee, and is worn in an uncomplicated, dignified style. Her skin is white. Her wardrobe is …

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