The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session: 17 Firestarters AGM and Tomato Trippin'

Meet the rest of the crew

In the cleanup after the fight with the monster and the tentacle witch a crate of Sygnus corporation tomatoes was found

Squishy analysed them during the gathering for the Firestarters Annual Meeting, running into lots of the team working at Firestarters Home Office.

The tomatoes have been engineered to be mind alterting…opening up minds to the warp to assist with piloting and space. Designed to work on Hway the psychoactive efffects are much more serious on humans.

The incidences of insanity and psychotic breaks happening in the human population was something Squishy researched…determining that it was on the upswing.

He set up a meeting with one of the J-4 tower Escape Goat breakfast crew of space nerds..a psychiatrist that works at Singapore Central, where the warp expert scientist Doctor Petrov currently is hospitalised, along with a particularly affected young man.

They are off to talk to Petrov and Dillan Barick, the psychiatrist.


danu danu

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