The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 18: Undercover Koo Koo Ka Chuu Plan: Sell it, Kid

Guerilla Gorilla For Sale

Squishy, Suiri and Chuu go to the Singapore private rehab facility [insert name here]. They talk to Barick who won’t break patient confidentiality but does agree that there is an increased incidence of Deadly Nightshade drug induced insanity.

A quick plan is made to leave the as yet unofficial Firestarter and probie job applicant Chuu as an appropriately unstable looking person that needs observation before being given employment with Firestarters.

Suiri makes a distraction and gets the boot as Squishy bribes the guards to treat Chuu well while she conceals a transmitter and an extra spare amount for a later date.

She discovers a voice in her head, Sammy, a 14 year old boy that talks to her in a quite friendly manner. She slips out of her room but encounters one of the well disposed orderlies, who she bribes to give her a few minutes to talk to him. She discovers he doesn’t know how long he has been in there and has shaky memory.

After setting up an observation point Chuu really wants to get them all out of there. Squishy has managed to gain enough network control to override security doors and set off alarms as Suiri goes Spider-Boy and fakes a smoke bomb fire before heading back to Chuu’s side.

Mass breakout time, except for the Howler. The pair are good enough to get the children out Bedknobs and Broomsticks style as Squishy can catch them easily enough to transfer to RATT for evacuation.

A minor problem being the appearance of a Hway cybernetically enhanced mind controlling robed evil cultist that tries that trick on Chuu and Suiri, who heroically resist and escape magnetically and athletically to where Squishy was waiting with AI transport.

Then it is Minor Milestone time.

Time for the Firestarters, Inc AGM and Chuu officially joining the team, paperwork and meetings and all.

The First details the current PR struggle situation and information to the senior Firestarters that actually are Firestarters…and what the Firestarters East specialists have been working on.

Meta-PR contest: Guardians of Liberty fascist anti-psychics are neutralised and forced underground.


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