The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 20: Kids In Space(ships).

Conferring with the A-team in the Hway secret underground children in statis pod lab we get attacked by a warp monster with mind tentacles coming up out of a pool, sans aquakinetic, unfortunately.

Gorilla matador punches don’t work. Magnetic girder impales by Chuu do. Squishy suggests that going home to mum to have that kissed better would be much more sensible than hanging around this ugly planet. The warp entity agrees.

Squishy, Chuu and Dr Voight get the children out…but Squishy gets a message from black ops high ranking General Hirsus about doing a deal (a dirty deal) involving kidnapping Suiri’s wife so that this again would not be made public.

They discover a warp device that again can do strange things with the space time continuum. Travel to the past a definitely possibility. Powered by the psychic statis kids brains partly.

They have a plan for a gorilla in a tutu diversion A-team Firestarter diversion to break into a next-gen Hway spaceship with complete security network mastery.

One problem is defense in depth with a non-networked really large bioroid not moving when Chuu causes a noisy distraction. Squishy tries a more communicative approach having mastered the network. He patches in Ethel to chat up her fellow hybrid and convince him to take a break for some food for a bit…her shout.

They do so and discover yet again, psychic children being held captive and abused. This time there is a twist. Some of them are not from now. From many time periods.

They split up.

Chuu and Squishy lead a rope chain of children through some discovered passageways with Kara the pilot.

Suiri does the climbing and fighting the security.

Squishy has mined the path on the way in and hacked the security sensors on the way out so they loop and get blocked allowing them some extra time.


danu bluetyson

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