The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

Session 9: Shipping company bugs me, live on Prime Time Television

J4,bug,Signus Corporation,kidnapping,psychic children,rescue,reality tv

A street scene unfolds of corporate thugs pushing around the locals. Who do happen do make good food, too. The Firestarters take a dim view of this, even moreso when they realise it is everybody’s least favourite space shipping company involved.

A quick plan is hatched to bug the car of the boss with Suiri pulling a classic Hustle manoeuvre and Sam doing an Insane Clown one-man posse dance.

That working nicely they get audio evidence on record of admission of kidnapping ‘psychic freaks’ so they decide to tail the cars.

Ending up at the spaceport with Suiri on lookout keeping them out of trouble the rest assist Sam with sensing what is going on in this convoy. A few dozen kidnap victims, it is discovered. The possible long, long trip terror they are facing convinces Sam he is going to get his action hero on.

Not enough to fight four guards though apparently as he and Krate leave Suiri and Squishy to fight while they go for a rescue raid with lesser opposition.

A sensible option as it turns out, as Batman wouldn’t have been too critical of Suiri’s deft handling of four bad men having the lights turned on and then quickly out. Leaving Squishy time to go all reality tv, getting enough of a story to interest J4 and streaming the goings on back to the network live.


danu bluetyson

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