Anton Mika

Hydrokinetic cyborg Negotiator, buried in debt


Character Sheet

High Concept:
Hydrokinetic Cyborg Negotiator
Buried in Debt
Other Aspects:
Ex-Gangland Marksman
“Not on my watch!”
“If I can get away with not killing EVERYONE, that would be cool.”

Great (4): Shoot
Good (
3): Athletics, Will
Fair (2): Rapport, Provoke, Deceive, Physique
Average (
1): Crafts, Notice, Fight, Investigate, Lore
Flash Step;
Move two zones before doing a move action
Cyber Eyes:
Nonvisible light and distance do not affect Anton’s ability to see!
Psyke: use will to defend against other physical *kinetic attacks
Refresh: 4

Three Phases
First Adventure

Having been thrown out shortly after his power manifested, Anton fell in with the wrong sort- a local gang that sought his powers to remove competition- non paying drug pushers, other gangs and the like. Quickly after realizing what he had done, Anton seeked to get out of the gang as soon as possible. After being kept sheltered and fed for a couple of years prior by the leader, this would come at a cost; Anton owes several favors to the gang that raised him.
Aspect: Ex-Gangland Marksman (Since “Familiar with the wrong sort” would fold into this)

Crossed paths with: Sam Sah

Gang put a hit out for Sam’s teacher, claiming the teacher is a person in the direct path of the gang. Seeing the teacher in person, Anton decides to get in the way of the hired hitman- his first act against the gang in his life. No, the hitman doesn’t get back to report who stopped the hit, not that the information doesn’t get back to the gang.
Aspect: “Not on my watch!”

PHASE THREE – Crossed paths with: Squishy

As Anton is constantly looking for non gangland work, he gets refered to Squishy, who is looking for well skilled and well armed couriers for parts. On this mission, he has to deal with some of the Firestarters, and is given a recruitment offer by the person in charge of the group, and asks Squishy to join him at Firestarters, as Anton sees that Squishy needs more materials and the Firestarters have it.

Aspect: “If I can get away with NOT killing everyone, that would be cool.”

Anton Mika

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