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Postapocalypse post-First Contact Singapore.

The year 2259CE. Twenty percent of the human population develop psychic abilities following a global apocalyptic explosion known as the Phoenix Event. Most of the psychics have minor abilities, but some rare individuals have harnessed the deeper more dangerous powers of the mind.

The Phoenix Event was triggered by the crash of an alien spacecraft, which unleashed an explosion of psychic and temporal energies so powerful that it destroyed most of Earth’s civilisation. The planets remaining governments fell in the ensuing years to war and famine induced by the bizarre forces unleashed in the aftermath. The last human corporations and humanitarian organisations work tirelessly to reverse engineer the new alien technology, knowing their very survival may depend on it.

The fish-headed aliens themselves, carried to earth by the Phoenix Event, brought with them jump ships and technology far beyond that of earth’s. Singapore, one of earth’s last surviving cities, became the jump off point for alien trade routes to far off and exotic worlds.

Strange religions flourish in The Aftermath, some worshiping the most powerful of the human psychics as gods themselves, while other cults worship the alien’s ancient gods.

Deep amidst the chaotic and dark streets of Singapore lies an old Fire Station, and within resides Firestarters, Inc.

The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc.

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